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Why Joe Sugg Deserves To Win Strictly Come Dancing

Updated: May 28, 2019

With the final of Strictly Come Dancing imminent, here's why social media star Joe Sugg is getting my vote.

While Christmas brings with it some festive cheer, it's arrival also means that we must bid farewell to the greatest competition series on television. I am of course referring to Strictly Come Dancing, which reaches its conclusion this weekend.

The four finalists have done themselves incredibly proud by getting this far, but there can only be one winner. Choosing a victor will be a tough shout for the viewers at home, who'll likely weigh up the pros and cons of our fabulous four, before choosing their champion. For myself, however, the decision is an easy one.

Each of the celebs have danced their socks off over the course of this series, but Joe Sugg has done a lot more than just that: he captured our hearts, and that — alongside his wicked dancing skills — is why he deserves to win.

Hard Work & Determination

Whether you're #TeamJoe or not, there's no questioning the young man's unrelenting determination and commitment throughout this entire series of Strictly. From the hours that he has put in, to the fact that he's barely uploaded any vlogs on his main channel since the show started, it's clear that Sugg has gone out of his way to devote as much time as he can to the BBC competition.

At this point you're probably ready to suggest that all of the remaining celebs have been fully committed to Strictly, and if so, then you're a hundred percent right, but the big difference is that, due to Joe's popularity, he could've easily chosen to not put in the hours, and leave it up to his devoted followers to keep him out of the dreaded dance-off. However, that's far from what he did.

Joe earned his place in the final by refusing to settle for being good, and by daring to dream of being extraordinary. He relished the opportunity to learn from Dianne, his professional partner, and every criticism from the judges — constructive or otherwise — was taken onboard. His High School Musical-inspired American Smooth in Week 3 is a prime example of this. I mean, who'd have thought from watching this routine that ballroom would end up being his forte?

Yes, Joe put in great effort, and learned from watching the male professionals as much as he did Dianne, and it's paid off. Again, with the sheer level of online support Joe has accumulated over the years, he didn't need to take the competition seriously, and yet he did, and he deserves to be commended for that.

Complete Novice To Superb Dancer

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Joe deserves to win simply because he's hardworking. I'm saying that because of that hard work, he has transformed into a great all-round dancer — one that is worthy of picking up the coveted glitterball trophy.

Much like Craig, many of us didn't have high hopes for the internet sensation when Strictly began back in September. Sure, we thought he'd be fun and entertaining to watch, but never in a million years did we think we'd be watching him dancing an elegant — and technically perfect — Quickstep in the Tower Ballroom.

He's had — to use the dreaded 'J' word — quite the journey on Strictly, which is something that audiences of the reality show crave. Watching someone transform into a dancer is one of the joys that Strictly brings with it, which is why viewers are more often than not drawn to those with little dance experience going in.

While Joe has pulled of some of dance's hardest technical aspects, from the Charleston swivel steps to the Paso Doble shaping, it's his perfect ballroom frame that's perhaps his greatest feature. Make no mistake, we've seen some great male celebrities take to the dance floor on Strictly, but I can't remember the last time one of them nailed the frame as well as Joe has. The aforementioned Quickstep and his vampire-inspired Foxtrot are great examples of this.

Mind you, Joe's not just a one trick pony, as he's delivered some of this year's most memorable Latin routines also. His Jive and Charleston highlight how much potential he has in this area of dance, and combining these qualities with those of his ballroom work, it's clear to see that he's one of the best all-round dancers left in the competition, which is yet another reason why I'd like to see him pick up the victory on Saturday night.

Changing Perceptions

We could spend all day discussing Joe's achievements, but there's really only one that matters. #TeamJoe or not, it was hard not to fall in love with the young lad, who has proven to be one of the most down-to-earth competitors Strictly has ever seen. In spite of his notoriety, Joe has no idea of how good he is, which is perhaps why the public has taken to him.

Moreover, he's opened up the world of YouTube to a whole new audience. When Sugg was first announced as a competitor in this year's Strictly, there were a few hurtful comments made about the social media star's status as celebrity, which focused around the fact that he made videos for a living. Perhaps it's something to do with Strictly having an older viewing audience, but either way, it's certainly an unfair comment considering Sugg's notoriety — not to mention his 5.49 million followers on Twitter.

While he has entertained us — and delivered some unforgettable routines — over the course of his Strictly journey, Joe's biggest accomplishment is capturing the nation's heart which, in turn, has aided in changing archaic perceptions about the youth of today. His warm nature and caring attitude for Dianne — not to mention his improvement over the course of the series — has made it impossible to not root for him. Joe Sugg has truly been something of a revelation, and for that he deserves to win Strictly.

Will you be voting for Joe and Dianne in the Strictly Come Dancing Final? Let us know in the comment section below.

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